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Psychotherapy in English | Psychological help in English

If you are a foreigner living in Warsaw and you search for a psychologist working in English, I can offer you psychological help, counselling and psychotherapy. I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist and have been in this profession since 2012. I integrate modalities but my basis is the humanistic approach.

During the therapeutic process, my priority is to help you eliminate patterns resulting in your emotional suffering, increase your agency and life satisfaction. Psychotherapy is a recognized way of treatment of anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, relational difficulties, trauma and other psychological disorders. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you feel:

  • lonely,
  • that your relatinships fall apart to frequently,
  • that things in your life are out of your control,
  • that the process of the acculturation in Poland is severe and takes too long,
  • that your family life goes wrong,
  • that you are not able to achieve your personal goals.

Couples therapy available.

If needed, I will redirect you also to a trusted psychiatrist for a medical examination and a necessary medication.

Arrange your appointment via the contact form or over the phone.

200 PLN for an individual session (50 minutes)
350 PLN for a couple therapy/ body work/ symbol work/ EMDR (90 minutes)